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Posture Corrector + Back Stretcher

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Posture Corrector size

This bundle will be useful if your shoulders are rounded and forward when sitting daily and your back muscles are tense.

The bundle includes a Posture Corrector (Value: 24 EUR) > and Back Stretcher (Value: 34 EUR) .

The posture corrector gently pushes the shoulders back and develops back muscle memory. The back stretcher relieves tension in the lower back.

What is Included?

Back Stretcher

✔ Reduces lower back pain
✔ Creates a healthy back curve
✔ Relaxes the back muscles
✔ Prevents tension in the lower back
✔ Stimulates blood circulation in the back

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Posture Corrector

✔ Pushes your shoulders back
✔ Reduces tension in the shoulders and neck
✔ Corrects posture
✔ Develops back muscle memory
✔ Reduces shoulder pain

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  • Stājas korektors Upper Latvija izmērs

Free Posture Exercise App

vingrojumi stājas korekcijai

Free back exercises for 2 months as a gift. Exercises will help strengthen the muscles of the back and body, reducing pain in the lower back.

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