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  • Ortopēdiskās zolītes Upper Latvija
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Upper™ Orthopedic Insoles

✔ Complete foot stabilization

✔ Designed for everyday use

✔ Shock-absorbing EVA foam base

✔ Antibacterial fabric



Upper™ full-length orthopedic insoles with built-in neutral arch support and two layers of EVA foam cushioning are the perfect balance of comfort and support. Orthotics strengthen the arch and heel, adding stability and motion control to limit excessive stress on the feet, ankles, joints and tendons.

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Your new orthopedic insoles

Feel the comfort on every step with Upper™ orthopedic insoles.

+ Receive as a gift a FREE posture improvement program for two months

(Value: 28 EUR).

Ortopēdiskas zolītes ieguvumi

Immediate effect

Get rid of foot pain with Upper™ Orthopedic Insoles.

If you spend a lot of time on your feet every day, you need orthopedic insoles. Upper™ orthopedic insoles stabilize the foot and reduce pain in the heel and feet.

  • Papēdis sāp Ortopēdiskas zoles

    Deep Heel Cupping

    Stabilizes the foot to protect against potential overpronation or supination.

  • Ortopēdiskās zoles pēdas atbalstam

    Maximum Cushioning

    Lightweight shock-absorbing EVA foam base reduces injuries both when walking and running.

  • Sāp pēdas velve ortopēdiskās zoles

    Orthopedic Arch Support

    Arch support relieves foot pain, improves balance and skeletal alignment

ortopēdiskās zolītes plakanai pēdai

4 Layer Structure

☑ Anti-slip breathable velvet material with antibacterial fabric

☑ High density EVA foam for increased comfort

☑ Nylon foot arch support

☑ EVA foam base for maximum cushioning

Easily adjustable size

If necessary, cut the soles to the required size according to the cutting line.

  • ortopēdiskās zolītes pieaugušajiem

How to use:

  • Step 1

    Remove the old insoles

  • Step 2

    Mark the cutting line if the new insoles are longer

  • Step 3

    Cut the orthopedic insoles to the required size

  • Step 4

    Insert the new insoles into the shoe

ortopēdiskās zolītes sportam

Created for everyday use

Go for a walk, run or stand Upper orthopedic insoles will make every step more comfortable.

vingrojumi stājas korekcijai

Free Posture Improvement Program

Free back exercises for two months as a gift.

10-minute exercises will help strengthen your back and body muscles, reducing lower back pain.

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  • Ortopēdiskās zoles plakanai pēdai

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to determine the size?

Please choose the orthopedic insole size according to your shoe size.

Can I buy several pairs of orthotics?

Yes, if you buy 2 pairs of orthopedic insoles, you will get a bigger discount. To buy 2 pairs, choose "2 Pairs" and specify the sizes you want to receive.

Can I wear orthotics with everyday shoes?

Yes, you can use orthopedic insoles in everyday shoes if they have a removable insole.

Are they suitable for flat feet?

Yes, orthopedic insoles are also suitable for flat feet.

Does it smell bad after wearing it?

No, the orthopedic insoles have an antibacterial fabric that prevents the release of bad aroma.

Can I change the size of insoles?

Yes, we are happy to exchange for another size if the insoles are too small or too big. The insoles must not be cut or otherwise deformed.

How will I get the exercises?

Access to the free exercise program is automatically sent to your e-mail immediately after placing the order. Please check your spam folder.